Over*Flow: COVID-19 Conversations

COVID-19 has changed every facet of life around the world. As we live through this moment of historic change, we offer Flow as a space to parse out issues affecting the pedagogies and research interests of film and media studies scholars across the globe. Many instructors in cinema and media studies will be teaching online over the next few months; some may want to discuss the coronavirus with students as well as responses to the pandemic from students, their communities, the press, and the public. Close analyses of informational, political, memorable, touching, and humorous clips should be helpful for classes and the larger community. Content made by contributors from underrepresented groups worldwide will be especially valuable.

As of August 11th, 2020, we have closed the COVID-19 Conversations portal. We encourage those who wish to contribute any COVID-19-related columns to consider submitting to Over*Flow, our space dedicated to breaking TV and media news (see below). Thank you to all contributors who have started a variety of critical conversations on media and culture in the age of COVID-19.

Comprised of responses to breaking TV and media news, Over*Flow is a new space for authors to submit 1,000-1,500-word, time-sensitive essays on a particular media text or issue.

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COVID-19 Conversation Starters (shorter-form):

“COVID-19 as an Equalizer for Filmmakers” (published 8/11/20) — Fiona Jackson / Waikato Institute for Technology

Plandemic and the Spread of Misinformation” (published 5/25/20) — Madison Hill / Independent Scholar

“Air and Breath as Elemental Media, Masks, and Datasets” (published 5/8/20) — Aaron Tucker / University of York

“COVID-19 Credibility Memes” (published 5/8/20) — LaKesha N. Anderson / Johns Hopkins University

“Locked Down Listening / Communal Re-imagination” (published 4/27/20) — Holly Rogers / Goldsmiths, University of London

“Minimum Viable Cinema (Criticism)” (published 4/25/20) — Alexandra Juhasz / Brooklyn College, CUNY

“#FrontLineMessages” (published 4/14/20) — Patricia Pisters / University of Amsterdam

“Teaching Music Video in the Pandemic” (published 4/12/20) — Carol Vernallis / Stanford University

COVID-19-related Flow and Over*Flow (longer-form):

(cross-posted from Flow 26, no. 10): “Preserving Tourism Imaginaries: Vacationers Urged to Visit Online Now, Travel IRL Later” (published 8/3/20) — Maria Skouras / University of Texas at Austin

(cross-posted from Flow 26, no. 9): “Virtual Music Festivals and the Re-valuation of Connection in a COVID-19 Live Music Marketplace” (published 7/6/20) — Paxton Haven / University of Texas at Austin

(cross-posted from Flow 26, no. 9): “NFL 2020: Football in the Time of Trump, COVID-19, and Mass Protests” (published 7/6/20) — Brett Siegel / University of Texas at Austin

(cross-posted from Flow 26, no. 8): “Person to Person and Home to Home: TV News in the Pandemic” (published 6/1/20) — Deborah Jaramillo / Boston University

“It’s a F***ing Lockdown: The Branding Responses of the UK’s Public Service Broadcasters” (published 5/23/20) — Melissa Morton / University of Edinburgh

(cross-posted from Flow 26, no. 7): “COVID-19: Teaching Solidarity” (published 5/4/20) — Kit Hughes / Colorado State University

“Coronavirus: How Online Video Platforms Are Responding” (published 4/21/20) — Roderik Smits / Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

They Are Risen: Drive-In Distractions and Hollowed Ground Under Lockdown (published 4/16/20) — David Church / Indiana University

“Digital Humanity: Social Media Content Moderation and the Global Tech Workforce in the COVID-19 Era” (published 3/19/20) — Sarah Roberts / University of California, Los Angeles