Over*Flow: Classifying Dahmer: Protecting Netflix’s Homonormative Canon
Dan Vena / Queen’s University & Sarah Woodstock / University of Toronto

Dan Vena and Sarah Woodstock argue that Netflix’s removal of Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story from its LGBTQ TV category discards “unacceptable” queer history and protects the homonormativity of Netflix’s LGBTQ library.

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Over*Flow: “It’s not dark humor if it’s not your trauma – you’re just bad people”: The exploitative nature of TikTok meme cultures
Moa Eriksson Krutrök / UmeA University, Sweden

Moa Eriksson Krutrök explores the ways social media like TikTok can offer individuals social support to process grief and trauma. Unfortunately, meme culture can radically recontextualize the personal and exploit already vulnerable people.

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