How to contribute to the journal:

1) Read and Comment

Because Flow‘s mission is to foster an ongoing conversation about television and media culture, the most important (and easy!) way for our readers to contribute to the journal is by engaging our columnists and the broader public in the comments section of each piece.

2) Submit a Column

The editors of Flow regularly seek short columns (1000-1300 words) examining timely topics in television, media, and popular culture. Queries and proposals regarding potential submissions are encouraged. To be considered for publication, papers should be emailed as attachments in .doc or .docx format, double-spaced, in MLA or CMS style, with the author’s name and contact information clearly included on the attached file.

Before submitting, please familiarize yourself with the style, scope, and timeliness of Flow by reading a number of our current columns. Centering your argument around a specific media text (or group of texts) is always encouraged – it makes your point that much more compelling.

Submissions are accepted continuously, and are evaluated as they arrive. For more information or to submit a query, please contact the journal’s Co-Managing Editors, Lesley Willard and Cameron Lindsay.

3) Become a Columnist

To be a regular columnist, we ask contributors to commit to writing three short, topical articles over an eight-month period, producing a new piece roughly every other month. Columns should be 1000-1300 words and are expected to fall somewhere in between academic and journalistic discourses. They are primarily intended as “think pieces” that will spur discussion among scholars on message boards provided for each piece. Columns should therefore aim to pose provocative questions for future research and debate, rather than provide definitive answers. We encourage the inclusion of visual aids such as images, frame grabs, or video clips.

If you are interested in being a Flow columnist for Volume 24 (starting fall 2017), please contact the Co-Managing Editors, Lesley Willard and Cameron Lindsay, for more information. Flow also publishes short essays and one-off columns on topical subjects related to television and other media. Please see above for more information about submitting a single column.

4) Respond to CFPs for Special Issues

Please see our Current Calls section for more information.