Plandemic and the Spread of Misinformation
Madison Hill / Independent Scholar

Judy Mikovitz in Plandemic Misinformation has plagued the public consciousness since the beginning of the written word; however, contemporary fake news has the opportunity to be far more damaging than its historical predecessors. Access to a global information superhighway allows unreliable images, articles, and videos to be shared to millions of people in one instantaneous click. Over the past five […]

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Air and Breath as Elemental Media, Masks, and Datasets
Aaron Tucker / York University

Vice President Mike Pence visits the Mayo Clinic. As Yiğit Soncul and Jussi Parikka contend in “Masks: The Face between Bodies and Networks,” masks have become particularly symbolically freighted, with recent imagery of their use emerging from the Australian wildfires, protest movements, and the COVID-19 global pandemic. The authors’ following exploration “argues that it is through contexts of immunity and […]

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COVID-19 Credibility Memes
LaKesha N. Anderson / Johns Hopkins University

Meme featuring an “Anti-COVID-19 Smoothie” On April 24, 2020, social media responded to a comment made by US President Donald Trump during a press conference to address the COVID-19 pandemic. In that press conference, the president suggested that injecting disinfectants might be a potential cure for the illness. The White House issued transcript quotes the President as saying, “And then […]

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Minimum Viable Cinema (Criticism)
Alexandra Juhasz / Brooklyn College, CUNY

ROOM H.264: Quarantine, April 2020 was sponsored by the Museum of the Moving Image. “Is cinema becoming a dead language — an art form which is already in decline?” (Wim Wenders, Room 666, 1982; Eric Hynes, Jeff Reichert, and Damon Smith, ROOM H.264, 2020) On April 20, 2020, I was an “audience member” in ROOM H.264: Quarantine, April 2020, an Online […]

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Locked Down Listening / Communal Re-imagination
Holly Rogers / Goldsmiths, University of London

Singing from the balconies in Spain. Today we are listening harder than ever. But to what? Social distancing and isolation have reduced the noise of everyday life. As cities retreat indoors and transport comes to a standstill, the world has become a quieter place. But while a hush has settled over the outside world, our virtual spaces have exploded into […]

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Teaching Music Video in the Pandemic
Carol Vernallis / Stanford University

Fan-produced music video, using Grimes’ chromakey footage for her latest single, “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone.” My current research focuses on spectacular expansion, but with the coronavirus pandemic it seems like everything is constricting. Transmedia Directors: Artistry, Industry and New Audiovisual Aesthetics, a volume I co-edited with Holly Rogers and Lisa Perrott, has just come out, and my manuscript, […]

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