“Never Too Late to Live Your Authentic Life”: Later-in-Life FTM Trans YouTube Narratives
Ash Kinney d’Harcourt / University of Texas at Austin

Ash Kinney d’Harcourt examines the complexities in the later in life female-to-male (FTM) transition narratives shared on YouTube. The stories of these late bloomers, and trans elders more broadly, are significant at a time when trans futures are uncertain.

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Plandemic and the Spread of Misinformation
Madison Hill / Independent Scholar

Judy Mikovitz in Plandemic Misinformation has plagued the public consciousness since the beginning of the written word; however, contemporary fake news has the opportunity to be far more damaging than its historical predecessors. Access to a global information superhighway allows unreliable images, articles, and videos to be shared to millions of people in one instantaneous click. Over the past five […]

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