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  • I see this as a great example of a YouTube channel not falling into the hands of commercial commodification. I hadn’t heard of Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff’s channel before this article, so I was curious to find out if/how much influence or control the University of Nottingham had over it. Upon browsing the Periodic Videos channel on Youtube, there seems to be no apparent promotion or branding of the University, other than a link to the Chemistry program’s webpage in the description of the videos (and it’s always the last in a group of links as opposed to say the first). There are title cards near the beginning and end of each video, but the university’s logo is small in the bottom right corner. The focus of the channel is truly on science, education, and making those things fun. It makes me wonder how a model like this can be applied to other disciplines outside of academic education such as advocacy, activism, and self-help without being exploitative or promotional.

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