The Imaginary SXSWi: If SXSWi is a Dream, Then How Do We Wake Up From It?
Jonathan Hickman / Birmingham City University and Jennifer Jones / University of the West of Scotland

Is SXSWi a Dream World? South by Southwest Interactive (SxSWi) is a dream. A trade fair in a desert, a pilgrimage, a Mecca, where stories are created and products are launched. It is a sign, a referent, a display. For those who attend, it is cultural capital, it is membership of a club – the ‘have-beens’ and the ‘have-nots’; for […]

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The Future of Television?
Sharon Strover / The University of Texas at Austin

The Future of Television Amid all the doom and gloom coming from incumbent broadcasters as they face the fact that some of their spectrum may go away and that people are finding a lot of things to watch besides their channels, a perennial bright spot for most media industries is South by Southwest (SXSW). The Interactive Festival in particular has […]

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