COVID-19 Credibility Memes
LaKesha N. Anderson / Johns Hopkins University

Meme featuring an “Anti-COVID-19 Smoothie” On April 24, 2020, social media responded to a comment made by US President Donald Trump during a press conference to address the COVID-19 pandemic. In that press conference, the president suggested that injecting disinfectants might be a potential cure for the illness. The White House issued transcript quotes the President as saying, “And then […]

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Putting Jokes in Scare Quotes: How Sparkle Hair Scully Reveals What’s New and What’s Not About Humor Online
Whitney Phillips / Mercer University
Ryan M. Milner / College of Charleston

Whitney Phillips and Ryan Milner introduce us to Sparkle Hair Scully and Cat Interrogation Mulder as examples of how humor and jokes operate online and how a “joke” without context can be as far from humorous as possible.

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