Xenofobia y Mitos en la Cobertura Televisiva de la Selección Nacional Mexicana

by: Jorge Alberto Calles-Santillana / Universidad de las Américas, Puebla
El fútbol es el deporte más popular de México y la transmisión de los partidos de la selección nacional
genera un ambiente emocional como ninguno otro
evento nacional. / Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico, and its broadcasting develops a unique emotional appeal as no other national event.

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“You Got to Know When to Hold Em”: Notes Against the Academicization of Television

by: Walter Metz / University of Montana-Bozeman
The relentless pressure to be taken seriously must not prevent TV scholars from admitting that on occasion, like the average viewers, they do slack in front of the tube. Metz watches “Poker TV” or even the Simpson’s just for their saccharine appeals and for relaxation purposes.

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