The Authenticity of Trump, Emotional Democracy, and the Red Pill
Víctor Navarro-Remesal and Ignacio Bergillos / Centre d’Ensenyament Superior Alberta Giménez

Víctor Navarro-Remesal and Ignacio Bergillos discuss the relation between post-fact politics and “redpillers,” a loosely organized online community of users espousing an awakening to a conspiracy of injustices brought on by “social justice warriors”, radical feminism, and political correctness.

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Informational Infidelity: What Happens When the “Real” News is Considered “Fake” News, Too?
Melissa Zimdars / Merrimack College

Melissa Zimdars examines the public’s distrust of mainstream news reporting, and argues their coverage in fact contributes to this distrust through “information infidelity” – the process of inaccurately or imprecisely copying, reproducing, and/or relaying information that may already be based on questionable or unreliable sources.

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Of Bhakts, Deplorables and More: Posthuman Communities Performing Political Partisanship in the Age of Social Media
Sushant Kishore / BITS Pilani

Sushant Kishore explores digital media, the performance of communitas and political partisanship, and posthuman social media communities through a comparative discussion of India’s 2014 General Election and the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election.

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“Blim and Chill”: Telenovelas and Class Ideologies in the Online Streaming Wars
Juan Llamas-Rodriguez / University of California, Santa Barbara

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez considers the re-branding campaigns, and accompanying quality and class discourses, that Netflix launched in response to losing its streaming licenses for Televisa’s telenovelas after the Mexican broadcasting giant created its own streaming service, Blim.

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