“You Can Still Do It”: Apple Watch Activity Notifications During COVID-19
Andy Fischer Wright / University of Texas At Austin

What does it mean to receive notifications from your smart watch telling you to exercise, especially during a pandemic? Andy Fischer Wright makes an argument that his Apple Watch Activity notifications make it clear that the company is more interested in the data he produces than his well-being.

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“Cibercultura” y cibercultur@

by: Jorge A. González / Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Una propuesta en cuanto al neologismo “cibercultur@”: entenderlo como un objeto de estudio y como un valor
de desarrollo y empoderamiento social. / A proposal to
use the neologism “cybercultur@” to designate an area
of study, as well as describe a value for development and social empowerment.

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The Unwired Side of the Digital Divide

by: Faye Ginsberg / NYU
Today, as I write, the United Nations is inaugurating a long awaited program, a “Digital Solidarity Fund”, that will underwrite initiatives that address “the uneven distribution and use of new information and communication technologies” and “enable excluded people and countries to enter the new era of the information society.”

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