Xenofobia y Mitos en la Cobertura Televisiva de la Selección Nacional Mexicana

by: Jorge Alberto Calles-Santillana / Universidad de las Américas, Puebla
El fútbol es el deporte más popular de México y la transmisión de los partidos de la selección nacional
genera un ambiente emocional como ninguno otro
evento nacional. / Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico, and its broadcasting develops a unique emotional appeal as no other national event.

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The August Audience

by: Jonathan Gray / Fordham University
While television networks are rolling out their lineups of new shows this month, many potential viewers have already decided which programs they will tune in to, and which they will actively avoid. How does pre-season marketing play in to the way audiences interpret television texts, and how do we analyze those readings as critics in television studies?

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