Policing Pop Culture: “Danny Meets Andy Griffith” and Representing Southern Law Enforcement
Phoebe Bronstein/University of California, San Diego

Phoebe Bronstein explores the representation of Southern law enforcement around Andy Griffith in the “Danny Meets Andy” episode of Make Room for Daddy, exploring how the show navigated national and regional discourses and anxieties of the police during the Civil Rights Movement.

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The Ethical Implication of Zeros, Circles and Loops
S. Topiary Landberg / UC Santa Cruz

In her contribution to the Flow Special Issue on Loop Media, S. Topiary Landberg argues for the benefits and potentials of loop narratives and circular forms as a productive alternative to dominant linear logics; where she sees such linear narratives and modes as patriarchal, controlling, and predetermined, loops provide for the expression of “experiences of change and growth to be inclusive and fundamentally non-combative and non-competitive.”

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