Flow Conference 2018 Coordinating Committee

Flow 2018 is organized by a committee of PhD and Master’s students in the Radio-Television-Film department at the University of Texas at Austin.

Programming Team:
Britta Hanson – 4th year PhD
Pete Kunze – completed PhD
Nathan Rossi – 2nd year PhD
Maggie Steinhauer – 2nd year PhD
Lesley Willard – 4th year PhD

Communications Team:
Ashlynn d’Harcourt – 1st year PhD
Selena Dickey – 4th year PhD
Eric Forthun – 2nd year PhD
Brett Siegel – 3rd year PhD

Finances Team:
Rusty Hatchell – 1st year PhD
Cameron Lindsey – 4th year PhD
Maria Skouras – 3rd year PhD
Lauren Wilks – 2nd year MA

Events Team:
Kathy Cacace – 2nd year PhD
Nabeeha Chaudhary – 3rd year PhD
Kate Cronin – 4th year PhD
Jacqueline Johnson – 2nd year MA

Faculty Advisors:
Alisa Perren
Suzanne Scott