Technical credits

Logo Design

New Color Bars Logo: Kyle Wrather and Tim Piper
Color Bars Logo: Colin Cooper
Retro Logo: Mike P. Jones

Flow v.5″ Migration & Site Design

Kyle Wrather

Flow v.4″ Migration & Site Design (from College of Communications server to UTS)

William Moner

Flow v.3″ Coordinators (from TMA to MP)

Peter Alilunas
Matthew Thomas Payne

Flow v.2″ Coordinators (from JOT to WordPress)

Marnie Binfield
Matthew Thomas Payne

Flow v.2″ Archivists

Bo Baker
Marnie Binfield
Alexis Carreiro
Katherine Haenschen
Jean Lauer
Nick Marx
Matthew Thomas Payne


  • Dear Mr. Lowe,

    Thank you so much for your comment/email inquiring about the use of an image from one of our columns. ( The museum and app project you detailed sounds fascinating and we would love to be of help, if we can. However, the Flow journal often only hosts images form other sites and places on the internet, and does not generally possess the rights or copyright for their use or ownership.

    I attempted to trace down the image — I assumed you were interested in the first image to appear on the column, that of Mitcham diving against a black background — but the site which we borrowed the image from and linked to (The Lost Angeles Times) is no longer hosting the image. Our column is 8 years old and so it is not surprising that the original host has taken down the image. I will include a link to the original image — — an you can try to contact The Los Angeles Times about acquiring and using the image. Other than that, unfortunately, I am not sure that there is anything else that we here at Flow can do to help you.

    We wish you the best of luck acquiring the image and going forward with your projects.
    All the best,

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