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In recognition of the increasing blurriness between television, the Internet, and other new media, we asked the Flow community to send us their favorite under-ten-minute clips or viral videos of the past year. After all, how else might we accurately classify phenomena such as Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” or Vince hawking the Slap-Chop? Certainly each has a traditional home on TV, but we’d wager that we can’t simply think of these as TV-only texts. We purposefully kept this category open-ended;we received a huge variety of responses. Below are the most popular, weirdest, or just plain funniest. It is significant to note that many of your responses had to do with the 2008 election, demonstrating just how effective certain practices of remediation are in shaping popular discourse. We split these into their own list in order to make room for those that might otherwise go without comment.

  1. “I’m Fucking Matt Damon”

  2. Nike “Leave Nothing – Fate,” Directed by David Fincher

  3. “Take On Me,” Literal Version

  4. “Western Spaghetti”

  5. Slap-Chop

  6. “Toby y Sheila”

  7. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog


    Available at: and on Hulu

  8. Bert & Ernie do “Ante Up”

  9. The Various Appearances of “Spaghetti Cat”

  10. Bill O’Reilly Freaks Out (and Dance Remix)

    Honorable Mentions:

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade gets Rick Roll’d

  • Opening Credits for True Blood

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  • Not a single “Lonely Island” digital short in the bunch? For shame!

  • Thank you for acknowledging the fabulousness of the True Blood opening credits. For a while they were the best part of the show.

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  • To piggyback on Peter’s inclusion of the Tech/UT game on the “Top 10 TV Shows” list, I think sports are also inexplicably missing from this list as well. And while nobody included it in their votes, I would like to add Tim Tebow’s apology/pledge after Florida’s loss to Ole Miss. While I did perhaps tire of seeing it on ESPN every week, it was a display of emotion and passion often attributed to sports but not necessarily to an individual player (particularly not off the field). And given the way the ’08 season ended, it proved to be rather prophetic as well.

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