Top 10 Under 10: 2008 Election Edition

Flow‘s original plan was to just post the “Top 10 Under 10” as one category. As we were tallying the votes and trying to narrow down our list, we realized there were an overwhelming number of election-related videos on people’s lists and we thus decided to separate our “Top 10 Under 10” into two distinct categories – election and non-election videos. Here are some of the most memorable, humorous, emotional, and politically charged videos from the 2008 Election Cycle.

  1. Obama’s Victory Speech

  2. Sarah Palin/Tina Fey SNL skits


  3. Kristen Schaal on The Daily Show
  4. “Prop 8, the Musical”

  5. “Talk to Your Parents About McCain”

  6. Letterman and McCain

  7. Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee
  8. Ellen Degeneres and John McCain on Gay Marriage

  9. Wassup 2008


  10. You Can Vote However You Like


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