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Senior Flow Editors

Introducing the recently updated and much-expanded Flow Blogroll

The Flow editors have compiled a list of relevant media-related blogs, check it out on our Blogroll dropdown menu on the left side of your page. We have blogs from:

  • Flow columnists – past, present, and even upcoming Volume 9 columnists
  • Other media scholars who have not written for Flow
  • Online media journals published by various academic departments
  • A wide array of media-related blogs, many of which are collaborative efforts among multiple institutions and scholars.

We hope you find the Flow Blogroll interesting and a helpful critical media resource.

If you maintain a blog or have a suggestion for our Blogroll, please let us know about it. Likewise, if we have included your blog on our list, we would greatly appreciate it if you would also link Flow on your blog or website. Be sure to check back frequently for updates.

Happy blogging from the Senior Flow Editors!

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