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Welcome to “Flow Favorites” – a collection of current and past Coordinating Editors favorite Flow columns. Since our inaugural issue in September 2004, Flow has published over ninety columnists and over 500 columns.

For each of us involved in this issue, choosing one column out of this incredible body of work was difficult, to say the least. We were each faced with the following questions: do we chose columns that sparked the strongest comments or debates among our readers? Should we choose the best written columns? The most significant? Do we choose columns based on timeliness? Accessibility? Novelty?

In the end, we each chose columns for very different reasons. As a result, the selection offered in this special issue represents a broad spectrum of the scholarship available on Flow. Today, we offer these past columns as a way to look back and reflect on our current body of work as we look toward the future and to the next 500 columns.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank the past and current columnists (and readers) for your continued support. We couldn’t do it without you.

Current Co-Coordinating Editors:

Alexis Carreiro
Peter Alilunas

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Graphic by Peter Alilunas.

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