Flow Poll #3: Emmy Nominations — Part I

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  • I’d recommend a “None of the Above” option given the weak slate of nominees this year…

  • For the Variety/Musical/Comedy series, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is a notable oversight. He is consistently hilarious, and is home to some of the sharpest political humor on late night. Whether being made an honorary citizen of various cities and states in an attempt to deal with his ongoing immigration saga (he is a Scottish national) or repeatedly airing the worst of Bush’s daily press appearances (with the idle threat that if he is granted citizenship, the clips will stop), he makes a concerted effort to push the envelope.

    Maher’s great, but for those of us without HBO, Craig Ferguson is about as good as it gets.

  • As a FLOW fan, I feel safe chiding you for leaving out (I mean this without my tongue anywhere near my cheek) The Wire as a nominee for best dramatic series. It is quite simply the best dramatic series that has ever been on television.

  • Oh, I get it. Sorry. These are the academy nominees. This is crazy. The Wire trumps any of these shows.

  • Ferguson’s show may not be polished enough for a variety show nomination, HOWEVER, why he wasn’t nominated for the “outstanding individual performance” category, is beyond me. That monologue he gave on Spears and his own fight with alcoholism was just that – outstanding. And no nomination? To me this award holds no credibility anymore.

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