Flow Conference 2018 Transportation

There are numerous transportation options for getting around the city. Austin’s transportation system, Capital Metro, provides buses throughout the city at reasonable prices and schedules. For more information, visit their website or download the Cap Metro app.

There are other ride-sharing options available in Austin. RideAustin is a nonprofit rideshare that allows for round-up donations to local charities and organizations. You can find out more about RideAustin on their website or by downloading their app. Lyft and Uber are also available in Austin.

Austin also has bike-sharing stations between downtown and the University of Texas campus. Bird and Lime are electric scooter services that are available around Austin and can be accessed through their mobile apps. Finally, because parking is sometimes limited and traffic on weekends can be heavy in the downtown areas, we would recommend carpooling with other conference-goers when possible.

Disclaimer: Flow does not endorse and is not endorsed by any transportation provider.