Flow Conference

The fifth Flow Conference will be held September 11th to 13th, 2014 at the University of Texas at Austin.

The Flow Conference is hosted by the graduate students and faculty of the Radio-Television-Film department at the University of Texas at Austin. While the conference will maintain its traditional organization as a series of roundtable discussions, in the interest of encouraging greater consideration of the links between the present state of television and TV studies and its past, the 2014 Flow Conference will be punctuated by three “Core Conversation” sessions. Speakers contributing to these panels will include director/writer/producer David Milch, writer/producer Rob Thomas , Horace Newcomb (Emeritus Director of the Peabody Awards), Howard Rosenberg (former Los Angeles Times television critic), director/writer/producer Michael Zinberg, Ryan Adams (Director of Multimedia for CBS), David Grant (Vice President of Multimedia for CBS), film and media studies professor Derek Kompare, Kevin Beggs (Chairman, Lionsgate Television Group), Jordan Levin (Executive Vice President, Microsoft Xbox Entertainment Studios), and Judy Trabulsi (Co-Founder, GSD&M), with more guests to be announced.

These discussion sessions will provide a thematic focus and sense of continuity for the overall conference conversation. The roundtables will continue to provide a space for participants to engage in discussion with each other and members of the audience, as both the Flow Conference and online journal remain committed to promoting conversation amongst scholars, members of the media industries, media activists, fans, and policy makers over crucial issues related to television and media.

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2014 Conference Coordinators
Nick Bestor
Natalie Bograd
Nia Edmondson
Julian Etienne
Charlotte Howell
Jackie Pinkowitz
Tim Piper
Paul Popiel

Faculty Advisors
Mary Beltrán
Alisa Perren