SXSW: Vote for FlowTV’s Panels
Flow Editorial Staff

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Flow has two panels up for consideration for the South by Southwest Interactive conference. Help us out by heading over there and voting for us at the South By panel picker site! Setting up an account is very quick and easy and public voting is an essential part of the selection process (learn more about the selection process). And of course please comment if you have any feedback or might like to be involved in either of the panels.

1) Privacy in Public: The Social Significance of Social Media : From citizen journalists, to celebrity Twitterers, social media is reconstructing the meanings of what is public and what is private. With the success of our recent special issue on social media , Flow TV wants to extend our discussion of new media communications technology to a wider audience. This panel will explore the meaning of social media to broader issues of identity, community, social change and more, with an emphasis on how public and private spheres are being constructed and reconstructed in social media sites.

2) Hacking the Ivory Tower:
Who decides what to teach? Colleges and universities have long relied on print journals as annals of knowledge, but scholars are increasingly turning to web publishing as an alternative forum. Using the online journal FlowTV and digital scholarly network Media Commons as case studies, this panel explores how new media is changing the nature of institutionalized thought.

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