Welcome to the new and improved FlowTV

Dear FlowTV Community:

It’s been my pleasure to have supervised the conversion of the old site to what you see before you. This complex transformation could not have happened without the generous support of our faculty sponsor, Michael Kackman, and our senior editors Marnie Binfield, Jean Lauer, and Alexis Carreiro. Also, many, many thanks to our tireless columnists and our selfless grad editors.



  • Nice clean approach in keeping with the site’s excellent content. Only just realized that this is a UofT venture; about half-a-century ago I attended SMU in Dallas where, wow, we actually had a ‘television workshop’! ‘Twas the start of an interesting career!

  • Yes! The new layout is fantastic (at least, says me). Less bloggy in presentation (who says WordPress can’t be made to power something that doesn’t look like a blog?), and therefore eminently more browseable. I’ve added FlowTV to my morning (okay, every-other-morning) lineup. Thanks for the wonderful analysis!


  • It looks great, more professional feel, and much easier to navigate. Well done!

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