Flow Poll #4: Emmy Nominations — Part II

(Make sure to scroll all the way down. There are four polls.)


  • What I find interesting about these nominations is that we see the inclusion of acting talent not only from the networks and from subscription-based channels like HBO, but shows like The Closer and Monk which are on cable. These cable networks’ business models (and ownership by larger conglomerates) make it possible for them to produce a few weekly original programs, and based on the nominations there is a clear commitment to quality television and meaty acting roles.

    Granted, this trend has been ongoing for several years (The Shield springs to mind), but it is a welcome trend to see quality performances coming from not only a variety of programs, but a variety of kinds of channels, as well.

  • This year I am really pleased to see Kenan Thompson nominated for SNL. He was a real gem this season, and should obv be nominated for the Les Mis Lobster alone. Also pleased to see W. Kamau Bell receive a nomination. Although with all the essaytyper assignments I had to do I could barely watch it, still followed the news on social media

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