• roberta pearson

    it’s nice to find something scholarly written by scholars that my students can actually understand. Sometimes I think it’s nice to find something that I can actually understand!

  • In agreement with Roberta, most of the material on this site is digestible for students even in intro-level college media courses. Two things I’ve found from incorporating student comments into class requirements (or as optional points, say to make up a missed quiz):

    1. Students are pleasantly surprised that they have something to say in a “scholarly” setting. They often express pride in being able to apply course concepts or personal experience to Flow discussions.

    2. Every semester I’ve done this, at least one student surprises me by revealing something on Flow that he/she has not said in class. It’s often my quiet students, but not always. I learn so much by reading their comments, about who they are and what matters to them, and they seem freer (this is what surprises me) to express themselves online to an audience of who knows how many, than in a classroom of 20-50 students.

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