Flow Poll #2: Should I Stay or Should I Go?


  • So, I’m curious as to why six people think LOST should be canceled. Are these voters merely being provocative? Do they dislike the inordinate amount of attention the show gets in the media and on this website? Or do people simply want to see fans such as myself suffer painful and lingering withdrawal? The wait for new episodes until February ’08 is bad enough!

    Personally, I voted for American Idol, though this season’s Sanjaya debacle gives me hope. The evidence of thousands of people voting against the status quo and in favor of the queerly-masculine underdog — in part just to fight “the system” and the hegemony of record execs and the nastiness of Simon Cowell — does give me hope that the show has managed to teach its audience a thing or two about grassroots political power.

  • I find that I’m far more reluctant to name a show I’d like cancelled (E.R.) than ones I’d like revived (Arrested Development and Veronica Mars). On one level I suppose it’s merely practical. I can easily avoid any current shows that I don’t care to watch, so my only impulse to cancel one is to make room for something hopefully more interesting to me. I’m not even sure I’d want to resurrect any shows. Arrested Development did some interesting things with narrative, but perhaps had run its course. Veronica Mars was an interesting take on the Nancy Drew idea, but, agin, may have lost its novelty. As a viewer I might like to see more of some of these shows, but as a scholar I’m more interested in the premises of a given program and how they’re worked out than I am in umpteen seasons of episodes that get churned out after the formula settles into place.

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